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What Is Korean BBQ?

If you're on this page right now and have never had Korean BBQ before, you are in for an eye opening experience in the near future. In a nutshell basically Korean BBQ is a Korean style restaurant that has a grill usually in the center of the table where you are able to cook right at the table. Think similar to the Melting Pot but you're not dunking a piece of meat into a cauldron of boiling oil, Korean BBQ is actually very healthy, low-carb, and tastes amazing. Beyond that it's also a fun & unique dining experience for both couples and large groups of people. The sharing of the foods is ideal of sparking up conversation and makes for an experience you won't forget.

Most Korean BBQ Restaurants offer either gas or charcoal grills built into the table. Almost all of them offer ventilation above the grill which sucks the smoke right off the grill and out of the restaurant. Next you'll pick which meats you want to grill up, the most popular being some kind of beef Bulgogi which is marinated beef (Rib Eye). I personally like pork also so usually get the Bulgogi and some kind of Pork, but there is chicken, seafood and much more to pick from.

Once you've placed your order the fun begins. They'll fire up the grill if it's gas or if it's charcoal they'll actually bring a pot of red hot coals right to your table. While that's heating up that's when the Banchan starts being delivered to the table. Banchan are a number of small dishes with a huge variety of different foods, depending on the restaurant you'll get 10 to 20 of these little plates with different kinds of awesome food in each. You'll also get some rice so you can start digging in and exploring all the different types of Banchan.

At around the same time you'll get the meat delivered to your table ready to go on the grill. Some restaurants will help grill it for you and get you started, after that you can go off on your own and do it yourself if you want. Give the meat a few minutes to grill and drink a beer or some sake and chat with your friends. Once it's ready to go you can either eat it straight up or you can wrap it up in a leaf of the lettuce with some rice and banchan. It's a straight up choose your own adventure kind of meal with a ridiculous number of combinations you can create between everything.

While Korean BBQ has been around for centuries back in Korea it's a somewhat new type of restaurant in the US. It's really common on the west coast of the country due to the larger Asian population but it's slowly making it's way over to the east coast. We're hoping to spread awareness of these restaurants in hopes to get more people seeing what they are missing. We're actually based in Florida and while we have a couple places Korean BBQ hasn't caught on yet like it has on the west coast, but we're getting there!

Thanks for visiting KoreanBBQ.com and help spread the word about us and Korean BBQ in general with your friends and family. Please help us grow by adding any restaurants, pictures, reviews and information you can. As always feel free to contact us with any comments, suggestions, or anything else!

Variety Of Banchan At The Table

Bulgogi, Pork, Lettuce & Grill Heating Up

Meat Hitting The Grill, Ready To Eat In Minutes

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