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Frequently Asked Questions
Have questions about our site or about Korean BBQ in general? Here's where we'll try to help you figure out the answers.
Q. How can I submit a Korean BBQ Restaurant that you don't have listed yet?
A. Please go to our submit a new restaurant page and add it in. It will take a day or so for us to review and add it into our database. We really appreciate your help in adding new places! We rely on our strong visitor base to really help grow this site to where it is today.
Q. I submitted a review but don't see it on the site yet, how long does it take to appear?
A. We generally approve and add any new listings within 24 hours. If you don't see it after that it's possible it wasn't included due to offensive language or content. Please make sure any reviews you submit are clean enough to be read by all ages. If you feel there was an error please just contact us and we'll see what happened and get your review added into the site.
Q. I heard you were looking to hire writers to join the staff, is that true?
A. Yes! We're always looking for writers who have a passion for Korean BBQ. We're in the process of creating a huge recipes section with tons of information on how to cook & prepare your own Korean BBQ at home. If you're a writer who'd be interested in helping, please contact us right away. You should be based in the US and have a real genuine love for Korean BBQ food.


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